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A large warm welcome to everyone who takes the time to come and visit my website, celebrating the great and amazing name Butlins. My name is Mark Banks and I am the proud owner of this website, which is designed by me in my personal time at home. Being a big fan of Butlin's, I can not help but have much pride in showing you my collection of Butlin's Memorabilia, in hope that it will spark a smile and memory for you all. 

Shown in the photo behind this writing is a gem, a truly magical and beautiful building that is maintained by the amazing staff at Butlins Skegness. When I look at this stunning gem, I can not help but feel emotionally happy to see a true beauty standing there looking at its resort, formerly known as a camp. My love for Butlin's name is extremely strong and I like to focus on the positive feeling that the name gives us all.

My obsession with Butlin start in the 1980s when I went to Butlin's Somerwest World in Minehead. It was another world as I loved every moment of my time at Butlins, from here my story started to be told. Every year, we went to Butlin's in Minehead as I found more changes that made me love the location more and more.

In 1999, I had gone from a teenager that went to Butlin's for holidays to an employee in Butlins Minehead. Every moment of this journey had taught me a great deal about myself as I represented the company my hero had started. Coming home, I became a caretaker for the local council and it was at this stage that I started my website....from there, its history as they say. My love for Sir Billy Butlin and the Butlins name is extremely strong and I admire it a great deal.

My website is always being updated by me on a weekly basis with new stories, items or updates. Please use the menu above to navigate around the site and please remember to check the history of Sir Billy Butlin. For further updates on the website or for sneak peeks on new areas, please come and join our group at Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections

Warm Welcome to my Website

Video from Mark Banks, the owner of this website

Thank you for clicking on the link to come to my personal website. I have designed this with the help of Mobirise software, which is free to use and download. The site is only done during my personal time as I make an effort to do as much as I can to help create that spark of memory. The only issue that I have is that my collection grows faster than I can upload. Click on my video to view more about me and this website. 

Thank you for popping by, you are fantastic and very much welcome to the site. Please come and join us on social media (on the menu above) also, always ready for a chat about Billy's at any time!

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Sir Billy Butlin

In loving memory of my hero, an inspiration to the many and the founder of the Butlins camps, hotels and resorts Sir Billy Butlin 

Remembering Sir William (Billy) Heygate Edmund Colborne Butlin

There will never be another Sir Billy Butlin to walk the Earth as we celebrate his legacy. I love you so very much Sir Billy Butlin and am honoured to feature you on this website. Everything you see here is thanks to you, the person who started his empire in Cape Town Africa. You are amazing to me and to all the visitors that come to this website.

All our members at Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections send our highest love and respect to you as we share your legacy.

To all Members of staff of all eras of Butlins

Thank you all for what you did for us all to help create these memories as you are all so very important to this website and our group. Each and every one of you holds a special part in the history of this amazing company and continue to help create more memories for us all. No matter what year you worked or where in Butlins, from camps to head office, each and every one of you has the spirit of this man within you. I send all our love to you all and can not thank you enough for what you do for us all. I am also a former member of the staff of Butlin's, Minehead 1999.

Thank you to all the members of our group, you are fantastic!

My Website is not the OFFICIAL website of Butlins

This website is designed by me in hope that it will spark that important memory for all the visitors that pop by. Butlins or their current owners have not asked me to design this site and have no input to how its designed. To visit the number Butlins site, all you need to do is visit www.butlins.com where they will be happy to welcome you and show off their options for a great holiday. When you are there on your break, why not pop on to my Facebook group called (click on the name)  Celebrating Butlins with memories, photos and collections  and share them lovely photos of all the great times you are having. Still undecided on what to do, click on a post card below to go directly to that resort to see the maps, the entertainment guides and so much more. (added note: This area was not asked to be done by Butlins and is my choice to promote them as a form of thanks to all they do)

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