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How to use the Year Menu

Pleasechoose an item from below that best matches teh reason why you wish to get in touch with me. Don't worry, this menu will remain place on them options. Once you click on the best option, please look further below.

You have spotted yourself in a photo of Butlin's

As you go through the website, you might come across one that features you on it. This can have two emotional reactions to seeing this. The first one is of happiness and pride with so many memories that can be flooding back to you. The other side, which I do not hope happens, is of sadness however, please don't worry as help is always nearby. Follow the four-step plan below and let's get that :( back into the :) area. 

  1. Respect- I have for your feelings and how they impact you either with a smile or a sad look. It's important to me that you feel welcome to the site and our groups. 
  2. Happy Reaction- If you are very happy to be in the photo and would like to share you story with the website, please get in touch using the option shown in step four, how very exciting :) 
  3. Sad Reaction - Oh no...I am so sorry this has caused you to be upset :'( Please get in touch with me so we can discuss options to help you smile again as it was never my plan to make you feel this way. 
  4. Get in touch! -Sending me a message is more easier now than it has ever been as all you need to do is this simple task. At the bottom of each page (top of this one) is a menu bar showing the Facebook logo, messenger, WeMe, Twitter and email. Simply click on the option you prefer and then send me the message and then we will discuss with another about your concern or story!