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2012 Personal Photos of Butlins Icon - The Monorail Train

I am sharing some selected photos of my time at Butlins Minehead, a place I call my second home.

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Minehead Butlins

2012 - The return of the icon, Monorail Train

The monorail train is an icon to the Butlin's time line as we see it sat here showing off its glory. Given a fresh coat of paint, the Monorail train is placed on the location of the former track and was being shown to the guest staying here. A reproduced postcard photo is placed in the background as history is shown to all. The train did not stay for long but it was there for a time where I could see it show of its glory to all.

Butlins Minehead

2012 - The side of the Monorail train

This is a view of the monorail train on the side, with my two sons in the photo. They loved this and the history related to the icon of Butlins. It was truly wonderful to see this here. 

Butlins Minehead

2012 - The driver seat

Unlike the one in Skegness, the seating in driving area has been made to look long and flat to allow photo opportunities. I do not believe it was like this on the original running train.  

Minehead Butlins

2012 - The seating area

You also get to see one eldest son in the photo as we see the seating area of the Monorail train. The doors was missing on the train, which I believe to be how it was when it first started, please let me know if I am wrong there and I will change this. I know the door was on the train at one stage until the end.

Butlins Minehead

2012 - History of Butlins Monorail

Bourne have always been about showing off the pride in the name Butlin's and investing more into the brand we all love. As shown here, they have done a marvellous job of showing the history of Butlin's Minehead and the Monorail train.

Butlins Minehead

2012 - Ready to come back to Butlins

I am hoping that we will see a return of this icon back into Butlins and to one day ride this stunning train once again.

Minehead Butlins

2012 - Have a seat and admire the view

The seating on this train is how I remembered it but the views were different as you had a great birds eye of the camp. Greatly missed by me and many others.

Butlins Minehead

2012 - The unit wants to take you on a ride

Static and awaiting, the ride shows off its beauty to all.

Butlins Minehead

2012 - Forever in our memories

In memory of the Monorail train, greatly missed an d a strong icon of the Butlins name.