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Food Related Items at Minehead Butlins

Spar has appeared in Butlins several times during my holiday and at one stage was known as Everydays, which was a name I liked a great deal. Today, they call it the "Supermarket" which is very easy to understand and find. MInehead has two supermarkets, one at the rear and on in the mall.

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Butlin's Supermarkets

From my memory, there were two supermarkets in Butlin's Minehead. The first one is in the Mall followed by the one at the rear of the resort. Today, this still remains the case.

* Was known as Spar in the early '90s

* Renamed to Everydays

* In early 2000's, was remained to "The Supermarket" with Spar items

* 2019/20, remains as The Supermarket however, now ranges Co-Op items.

* Former logo