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2012 Butlin's Minehead Personal Photos

Thank you for having a look at my personal photos of Butlin's Minehead, the location I have the most wonderful memories. You can also click on some of the photos to see additional information about my memory and some knowledge that might be helpful


Showing the entrance of the Mall (also known as the shopping mall).
The Inn on the green, which was the former location of the famous club Bonkers and The swinging Shillelagh
The booking office with a large Connect four for the children to have fun.
The dining rooms and silver room only accommodation (as of 2012, later on these were upgraded to Silver Suites)

Can you see the symbol on the side of the building? Click here to learn more about this system that was in place to help the customers/campers get around.
The teacup funfair ride
The Butlin's driving agency, pass first time  with no errors :) 
The former playing area in the children's funfair, now gone in 2021. There is a video shared of this further below.
The diggers was fun to use for the children. Today, they are no longer in Minehead (as of 2021)
The chairs of Butlin's remain in place however , they are now got the Butlins logo on them, which is a better idea

The lady bird ride, where my daughter had her first experience on a funfair ride. 

You can see a small video showing this ride and the moment above by clicking on this link to launch YouTube

This climbing frame was removed later in the years in Butlin's history. It was replaced with a bouncy castle. 

Click on here to see a video on YouTube that shows you this climbing frame in use. It also shows you a Butlin's Holiday Worlds table and chairs that remained.
Bowling in Butlins Minehead, the second location to host this form of entertainment. The first location was in the cinema building. This location was also known as the Gaiety theater, which had a large stage within and had many entertainers perform their acts.
This was when the buses was allowed to terminate in the resort at the front of the camp. As of 2021, this is no longer allowed.


The airplanes of Butlins, a ride that my children loved the most.
Off you go for a drive around the amazing Butlin's funfair area.
The famous ride of Butlin's, I like to call them the trains of Butlin's. This ride has been in Butlin's for as long as I can remember and is featured on many postcards.

With permission from my children and Carrianne (my other half), we have uploaded a video of this ride for you to see and hear them sounds. Click here to view this video and smile at the memory.
The former location of the Quasar building and the Beachcomber

These boats was relocated to the Beachcomber Inn entrance.
I have to say that the special moments that make Butlins so very good is when you come back to the chalet room to see the cleaner to have done this for you. It's such a small thing to do with the biggest heart feeling of them all. This was taken in 2012 and I did send an email to Butlin's to praise the wonderful team for such a brilliant job to do. The Billy Butlin spirit is strong in this photo as this tells such a large story that you can't help but think "that is truly amazing to see". 
Notice the Newsbreak shop on the corner, where the Diner is today (as of 2021)
Within the Sun and Moon
Within the Sun and Moon

Within the Sun and Moon

Notice the blue square on the chalet building, which was a part of the symbol system in Butlins.
The former Premier, now Deluxe Accommodation

The Shopping Mall also known as the Broadwalk
Notice the blue square on the building showing the old symbol system that was in place in the early years of Butlin's

View more about the symbol system here
The Highway Man of a kind
Notice the symbol ? another one that was used for the symbol system of Butlins.

To learn more about the Butlins Symbol system, click here
Highway Man


Stunning to see the investment into the village at the front of the camp.

The play area in front of the dining rooms.

The entrance of the Yacht club and Deck.

The former location of the Launderette Building. 

Click here to open a new window to see the building that was here before

Oyster Bay showing off pure beauty

Highway Pub Lake

The residents of the Butlin's Lake

The Tea Cups funfair

Going for a drive?

The former location of the Beachcomber building with Blue Skies on show.

To see some extra information about this photo, please click here

The slide of joy

Digging away

In 2021, these boats were relocated to the Beachcomber Inn (formerly the Sun and Moon Pub)

On the right hand side use to be the Quasar building

At night time

The Shopping Mall

The rules of connect four is out of the window here...however, I think red might of won this game, what do you think?

The Redcoat pirate of Butlins Minehead

Captain...there is another Redcoat Pirate coming aboard...orders?

I had sent a letter into Butlin's about this lovely lady who spent the time to entertain my Sophie. Rather than push for sales, this lovely member of staff went out of their way to show my children an alternative entertainment. Sophie loved every moment making me feel that she should be praised. I got feedback to say that she received reward for an excellent and memorable service. 

The train that took you from Butlin's Minehead to town and drop you off and then return back to Billy's.
Any photos of the accommodation is welcoming to me

This park area remains (as of 2021) and was renamed the Beachcomber Inn Adventure Play

Before the changes into the Beachcomber Inn it was the Sun and Moon Pub

The Jumping Pillow

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