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2012 Personal Photos of Butlins Minehead Crazy Horse Saloon

I am sharing some selected photos of my time at Butlins Minehead, a place I call my second home.

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Minehead Butlins

2012 - The same layout with little changes

It's been twelve years since its closure and the Crazy Horse Saloon remains in place after all these years. As far as I can see, only the light fitting has been removed within the last two years of my photos shown. 

Butlins Minehead

2012 - Bar change name

All I could see here is the title of the bar has been removed. The rear of the club remains unused at this stage and the old shop remains in place. 

Butlins Minehead

2012 - The stage area of the Crazy Horse Saloon

Not the very best photo but I wanted to share this to show you the stage and dance area. I remember dancing away to the music with so many great memories flooding back to me. On many occasions, this dance floor would have people sitting down singing "Oops upside your head" and many other songs, me being one.

Minehead Butlins

2012 - The Trading Post

The wonder of the Crazy Horse Saloon in Minehead had two entrances. One has been shown on here, leading you to the outside/Malones. The other was within, located on the other side next to the small bar. Many would use this as a cut through to get to the funfair or to enter the camp. Getting a pass from security, you were able to get on the rides for free by showing this pass (I have these within my collection). The one area of interest or should I say the name is this...closed but remaining in place in 2012.

Butlins Minehead

2012 - The former seating area and entrance to the funfair

Walking through the second entrance in the Crazy Horse Saloon, you would see a seating area in front of you to the left and a shop called the #Trading #Post. On the right-hand side, it was the pathway to the funfair. Here is a photo that I had taken in 2012, showing you this area, which is now the #Diner restaurant.

Butlins Minehead

2012 - Light fitting survived

Some, not a great deal, of the former light fittings remained.

Minehead Butlins

2012 - The seating area and second entrance to the Trading Post Shop at the rear. 

Here is some photos of the second entrance to the Trading post at the rear of the club. It also shows you the old seating area, which was still there in 2019 when I last visited. 

Butlins Minehead

2012 - I am sitting down awaiting the show

Do you think I have a long time to wait?

Butlins Minehead

2012 - Waiting for its guest to arrive

The Crazy Horse Saloon is open....for Bingo. Looking clean and ready for its customers, the club has so very little changes made to it. Still screaming out to entertainment all those staying in the resort of Minehead.

Minehead Butlins

2012 - The last of the old light fittings

The last of the old light fittings remains in the seating area at the rear of the club. I have to admit that I was upset to see the lights removed from the main stage and seating area. However, it was much joy to see them at the rear of the club, still telling a story of a time that is no more. 

Butlins Minehead

2012 - Screaming out to entertain us all

The club awaits the customers to arrive and entertain but for now, its open for Bingo. 

Butlins Minehead

2012 - The old sign of Butlins