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Sammie's Family Memories of Butlins

Permission was given to me by Sammie, to supply the photos and information shown below. All photos are copyright to Sammie and can be removed at any time. These are on show to give you another view of Butlin's history from a customers/staffs view and are not from my collection. Please do not request copies or contact details of this person as it's not mine to share.

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Sammies Memories

Welcome to Sammie's Memories

A fantastic member to our group on Facebook, Butlins Memorabilia and Friends, had sent these photos to the website for you all to see and spark a smile. Please enjoy what you see here and hopefully you can see something that will help spark that memory. 

Below are Sammie's collection of memories and photos that are here to share with you all, in hope that it will spark a memory and that very much needed important smile,

See Sammies Collection here, you will love it :)

Tanya's Memories

Showing the former pool of Butlins Bognor Regis and smashing view. 

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New ones arriving soon :)

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New ones arriving soon...:)

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