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Sammie's Butlins Story

Sammie is a moderator of the Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections and has been a close friend of mine that loves Butlins a great deal. As a former Redcoat, Sammie continues to inspire the members of the group and loves to see anything Butlins related.
Small print: Permission was given to me by Sammie, to supply the photos and information shown below. All photos are copyright to Sammie and can be removed at any time. These are on show to give you another view of Butlin's history from a customers/staffs view and are not from my collection. Please do not request copies or contact details of this person as it's not mine to share.
Sammies Memories

Former Redcoat Sammie

The passion is high for Sammie as she loves everything about the name Butlin's and what its meaning is to us all. As a former Redcoat, Sammie continues to show many on our group that there is always ways to smile more each day. I am honoured to have Sammie with us on this website  as  she continues to share her love for the name we all admire.

Below is both the photos and collections of Sammie as it continues to grow. 

Last updated :  24/10/2021

You can also see Sammie on the  introduction page , by clicking  here.

Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections Moderator

To say thank you to my friends that I call my Butlin's family, I had designed a personal mug for each of them and sent it to them. Each mug was personalised for them in hope that it will show my apperiation of how they help me keep going. Here is Sammie's cup showing our groups top banner (as of 2021) and a camp close to Sammie's heart. 

Sammies Collection

This is a book made by a friend for Sammie
*Small note: This is an unofficial badge
In loving memory of Sir Billy Butlin

Minehead Holiday - July 2021

A tour of Butlins Minehead Video

A visit to the former Butlins Brighton Hotel

Bognor Regis Butlins

A tour of Butlins Bognor Regis

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