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Sir Billy Butlin

Sir Billy Butlin had an idea and vision to create a company that can help spark that smile and create a long-life memory. Always ahead of time and knowing what was best for his companies, he would introduce the world to the first Butlin's Holiday Camps after working in the Warners. He took the idea of holiday camps and expanded into his rich history of funfair and travelling showmen.

The funfair, swimming and entertainment were included in the price as Butlin's grew from strength to strength. Butlin's was a huge success as many could afford a break at his camps with no need to worry about the worlds outside. The original creator of the Butlins B, he would continue to show many people that being happy was always an option.

Today, his legacy continues in three remaining camps, Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness. There is much more to this story as time goes by and if you wish to see more about the timeline, please click on these words.

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