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Harry John Butlin

The Butlin's family time line is a powerful one that shows love and strength to build a wonderful legacy that continues today at Minehead, Bognor Regis and Skegness. In 1904, Bertha, William and Billy would be over joyed to introduce Harry John Butlin to the world, the second son of the Butlins family tree. As the boys started to grow, Billy would know his brother to be known as Binkie. As we all know, Billy's name is William so it only made sense to nickname Harry also. Sadly, in 1907, Mr Harry John Butlin had passed away from polio.

Today, Butlin's celebrates Sir Billy Butlin brother with this teddy, named Binkie, giving it a very special meaning. Below is Sammie's research into the Binkie the bear. If you have any photos of this wonderful bear, please join us at Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections and let Sammie know, she will be over joyed to see them photos. 


2011 Binkie Bear

Featured still in his box, we see Binkie the Bear proudly showing off the Butlins logo with the years of being in open to entertain us all.  Binkie is proud to be sitting here wearing his red jumper and to show the legacy of Butlins to all.


2012 Binkie Bear

The Binkie bear had a new wardrobe in 2012 as he wears a white jumper here with the Butlin's logo. 


2013 Binkie Bear

In 2013, we see Binkie wearing  the red jumper once again.


2014 Binkie Bear

Binkie has another big changes as he completely changes his colour into a Redcoat wearing a black jumper with the Butlins logo.


2015 Binkie Bear

In 2015, we see the Binkie teddy bear still wearing that red jumper with much pride. 


2016 Binkie Bear

Binkie had decided it was time to back to that black jumper and red Butlins logo. 


2017 Binkie Bear

As Binkie looked back at his photos, he thought "its time to go back to the white jumper again". 


2018 Binkie Bear

Binkie continues to wear the white jumper for another year. 


2019 Binkie Bear

It was time to put the white jumper into the washing machine as he got out the old red one once more.


2020 Binkie Bear

Having gone shopping, Binkie found a new jumper and puts it on to much joy. 


2021 Binkie Bear

Having liked his purchase the year before, we see Binkie find another new jumper to wear.