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Butlin's AYR, former names AYR Holiday World, Wonderwest World

AYR Butlins

Built-in 1940...not as a Butlins at first
As the camps were converted from holiday locations to training camps for supporting the war, Billy Butlin was asked to design and build two new camps. With Filey being financially supported by the military to complete its creation, Billy Butlin had found a lovely location in AYR where he had started to supervise the build for a new camp. It was done with the agreement that this location will be handed back to Billy Butlin at the end of the war.

1946 - Butlins opens in Scotland
As the war comes to an end, we see the gates to this military camp change its logo into the Butlins name. Billy Butlin started work on the camp immediately to bring it to his standard. It was only a matter of time that we see the uniform change from the military into Butlins uniform. It was at that moment in 1946, that we see the AYR camp open its gates to campers and started to entertain its guest.

1987 - Rebranded to Holiday Worlds
With expectations changing a great deal with customers or as we like to call them, campers, Rank had made a big decision to start to reduce the number of camps that represent the Butlins name. AYR was one of five that remained as it was renamed to AYR Holiday World for a very brief time until it was changed to a name we all know, Wonderwest World.

1998 - 1999 Butlins AYR closes and Haven is born
The current owners of the time, Rank organisation, wanted to take Butlins in a new direction and unfortunately, Butlins AYR was not a part of this plan. It was decided that this lovely camp was to transfer to the sister company Haven, which was also a part of the Rank Holiday division. Today, it continues under the name Craig Tara under the current owner's Bourne Leisure Limited. Very little of the chalets from Butlins remain today. 

Campers Memories

Memories of the Guest and Campers of Butlins

Come and view the memories of those who went to Butlins as they show you how happy they are at being in the location with all love...Butlins.

Press News

On this area, you can view all that has been told about Butlins in the news. There is some interesting information that shows you changes in the name Butlins.



Come and view the photos that I have in my collection for Butlins AYR, AYR Holiday World and Wonderwest World

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