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Meet our Team

I am so honoured to introduce you to our experts, who are the most amazing people that are always there to chat with you about Butlin's. They are the dream team that has the heart of gold and the strong Sir Billy Butlin spirit within them. If you need to ask a question or ask about a moment about Butlins, these wonderful experts are always happy to chat with you as they love everything about the name we love so very much. I thank you all for taking the time to update us with all the important information and I am extremely grateful that you allow me to share it here for all to view.


Meet Babs

The meaning to Butlin's is very strong with Babs, who is an honoured member of this website (click here to see Babs story). Coming to Butlins with her parents, Babs would become a Redcoat and represented Sir Billy's dream to a high level. Today, Babs continues to be an inspiration to us all and is an expert on Clacton.

Always having the time to speak with any one at any time, Babs has always been a person who is easy to approach. She loves a story of Butlin's, however Clacton is where her heart is, so if you have anything on Clacton, please share away. Babs is also great at finding answers and has a great deal of knowledge to help where she can. I am extremely honoured to have Babs on my website and in our group.  There is so much that Bab's gives to us all and never asks for anything back, showing the spirit of Sir Billy Butlin.  


Meet Chris

When it comes to Butlin's history, you find that search engines come second to this gentleman. Chris knowledge comes with much passion and wisdom, which makes you feel that you are there in that moment. His details of each postcard, photo, video or anything is outstanding. I was so very excited when he accepted the position of expert on the group and so very honoured when he started sharing his memories and knowledge. My respect for Chris is so very high and I am so very thankful for all his time as he offers his knowledge for all to read. Chris certainly has the Butlin's spirit within him as you read his words on the group and this website. 


Meet Les

An amazing person who knowledge of Butlin's hotels is extremely impressive. I was so very pleased and honoured when Les commented on the group and to then gave me permission to share his knowledge on this website. Les continues to share his memories as he shows that Butlins continued to create memories for both staff and customers. Les is always willing to help with any knowledge he may have and loves to see that of Butlins that sparks that memory. Some of the chats between Chris and Les are ones that show you a connection that helped towards creating that great break/holiday for us all. Today, Les continues to show his impressive knowledge with us all and I am so very honoured to have him here, on this page for the world to see. 


Meet Dave

Dave, an amazing member of our group, is one of the greatest organist that I have ever come across. His music is truly beautiful and full of magic for every one to enjoy. Dave had a major role in Butlins as he played to help them campers enjoy the entertainment and dance the night away. Today, Dave still continues to play the organ and is featured on many websites showing his very impressive skills. Dave also loves to see the Butlin's memories that we all have and has shared his story (click here)  with this website. 


Meet Simon

Simon is always happy to share notes about his collection and related memories. Since he joined the Celebrating Butlins with memories, photos and collections group, he has shown much love and passion about the Butlins name and its meaning to all of us. Simon continues to post amazing information on this and other groups, spreading the legacy of Sir Billy Butlin. Simon is always easy to chat with and his collection continue to impress us all.

You can see more about Simon via his website (clickhere)"