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Babs Morrisons Butlin's Memories

View the story of a close friend , Babs, also known as Madeleine. Babs has been a large support to the website and is a member of Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections. Babs also runs her very own group and has some of the very best knowledge of Butlin's. I am extremely honoured to call Bab's my friend and to have her story on the website.
Small print: Permission was given to me by Babs (Madeleine), to supply the photos and information shown below. All photos are copyright to Babs (Madeleine)  and can be removed at any time. These are on show to give you another view of Butlin's history from a customers/staffs view and are not from my collection. Please do not request copies or contact details of this person as it's not mine to share.

Welcome to Bab's (Madeleine) Morrisons Memories

Working alongside Sir Billy Butlin on several occasions, Bab's has a great deal of knowledge about Butlins. Representing the Redcoats to a high standard, Bab's continues the Sir Billy Butlin spirit to this very date. I am so very lucky to be able to call Babs a friend.

Bab's name is Madeleine, it was changed at Butlins as it was too long. At Minehead, the first two weeks, Madeleine was known as Lena, then when she was moved to Clacton she had to hand everything back including the Lena badge. Arriving at Clacton, Madeleine was given the name Babs. 

Bab's is also a n expert on  Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections  and is very easy to chat with. You can view more about Babs on the expert page here.

In loving Memory of Doris & Harry Palmer

The Butlins story for Babs started with her Mum and Dad. Two marvelous people who had shown their daughter about the Sir Billy Butlins Sprit, This photo was taken in 1949 in Skegness with the original chalets in the background.

Butlin's was the place where Babs, Doris, and Harry had enjoyed a great deal. In this photo, they had ventured to Filey and was having a great time. This fantastic photo shows you the power of the Butlin's name.

This is Reg & Doris Spriggs, The Old Time Dance Instructors

 Reg & Doris in Reds, again with Mum, just look at the size of the band behind them.

Dave's Knowledge

Doris & Harry Palmer had enjoyed performing the dancing competitions at Butlin's. Showing everyone how the dancing is to be done correctly, Doris and Harry had the very spirit of Sir Billy Butlin within them.

On this photo, you can see Babs dad on the front left and Babs mum in the front right. Bab is sitting next to her mum. This was taken with Babs was about 7. It would be either Filey or Skegness.

With the live music playing, the dancing competitions was the entertainment they loved a great deal. On this photo, they had just won Veleta heat.

Not in Butlins, this is a photo of Doris with Babs at Loch Katrine. Glasgow main Water supply. This was taken in 1970.

A powerful photo that shows how proud Doris and Harry are of their daughter. This photo is so highly valued as it shows how Babs parents being so very proud of what their daughter has achieved. There is nothing in my collection that can be compared to this photo. This photo was taken in the sports field in Clacton. Babs would get day passes for her family to come and visit the place they loved.

In this photo, there is Babs aunty Lily on the left, Babs dad's sister, Doris (mum), Harry (dad) and of course Babs. 

I am truly honored to be allowed to show you Bab's parent's story, an amazing couple that showed their daughter the Sir Billy Butlin Spirit. From here, we see Babs contribute towards the great name Butlins.

Madeleine Morrisons Story

It was this photo, taken in 1949 when Babs had known that she was becoming a Redcoat in the future. The smile on Babs face here says it all.

Me on holiday in Butlin's Skegness 1960.

Madeleine becomes Babs Morrison - a redcoat with Butlins close to her heart

Babs is in a bar in Clacton with some campers.

Enjoying a meal in dining hall 1963.

 This is a very interesting photo, with Lord Valentine Thynne, the Marquees of Baths youngest son, he became a Redcoat 1961. I met up with him at Bognor 1962/3 winter. He was lovely and known as Redcoat Val

This is a photo of the Redcoat girls at end of season "Redcoat party 1964". We are with lovely Walter Swash, who was the Deputy entertainments manager

An important photo showing the original chalet. The curtains in the background is one of the most popular items that people remember very well. In this photo, Pauline and Babs are getting ready to go to work

The Redcoats having fun on the sports field. 

This photo is Mavis, Harry (Babs Dad) And Babs. At the Ocean Hotel Brighton.

First picture Clacton with a regular Camper.

Ocean Hotel Brighton with a regular guest.

Me with Pauline Marlow, Winter 1963/1964, Bognor Regis Reception. 

Clacton Sports Field 1965.

Sun Lounge Ocean Hotel Brighton.

Clacton 1962

Clacton 1963

Clacton Vieneese Ballroom in the back ground 1963

Christmas morning Clacton, 1963

Pantomime, Cinderella, 1965 Ocean Hotel Brighton.

Pantomime, Cinderella, 1965 Ocean Hotel Brighton.

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