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The icon of Butlins - Monorail Train

Take a moment to look at the photo of this beautiful ride known as the Monorail Train. When you look at this wonderful train, you are witnessing a moment in history that helped Butlins and its customers create new memories. Personally, I remember them well at Butlin's Somerwest World as they continued to share their amazing stories of joy, happiness, and a story of a legacy.

Sir William Butlin created another historic moment in May of 1965 when the Skegness camp was the very first location to have the monorail train in the United Kingdom. The track was a mile long and would loop around the Skegness Camp to show its beauty. With two stations, you could get on or off at the indoor pool and at the chairlift station (north side). Starting with the idea of being an attraction and alternative ride for the campers, it would later change into a form of transport for staff and customers to get around the camp.

In May of 1967, Sir William Butlin would announce that a second Monorail train system was coming to Butlin's. The second camp to receive this wonderful ride was Minehead with a track in the shape of a figure eight. Not like the one in Skegness, the Monorail train in Minehead would have a moment where the train would be either above or under each another in the middle, where the outside swimming pool was (today, its the pavilion stage and seating area).

The trains would travel at a maximum speed of 15mph and were designed to look similar to a rocket. However, in the '90s, the Monorail train in Skegness was replaced with another new design, as shown in the postcard photos below. Sadly, the Monorail train in Minehead was completely removed in 1998 for the planned updates to introduce the Skyline Pavilion. Skegness continued to offer the Monorail train until the year 2002.

It was a sad day in 2003 when the iconic ride was no longer in Butlin's and it was at this moment it became a memory.

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