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Tracy Photo's of Butlins

Tracy photos are one of the only ones that I have come across to show Butlin's Pwllheli Holiday World. The collection shown below will certainly take you back as it did for me. Tracy is also a member of the Celebrating Butlins with Memories, photos and collections
Small print: Permission was given to me by Tracy, to supply the photos and information shown below. All photos are copyright to Tracy and can be removed at any time. These are on show to give you another view of Butlin's history from a customers/staffs view and are not from my collection. Please do not request copies or contact details of this person as it's not mine to share.

Welcome to Tracey Photos

The photos that go that extra further with a moment frozen in time for us all to enjoy and see today. The photos you see below are certainly important as they show a camp that is no Haven. In 1998, both Pwllheli and AYR had transferred to Haven (a sister company) under the ownership of Rank. 

This makes these collection of photos more important as they are showing a moment when North Wales had a Sir Billy Butlin holiday camp. 

These Redcoat photos were taken between 1988 to 1991

This photo shows the Butlin's Pwllheli Redcoats between 1990 and 1991

Amazing collection of postcards, showing a holiday camp/resort that is no longer representing the Butlins name.

More postcards showing you some great views of the Butlin's that closed down at the end of 1998.

This is a fantastic collection of memorabilia of Starcoast World that I would love to have in my personal collection.

This was the way you found out about holidays and breaks in the 90's. There was no internet at this stage and I have to admit that I got excited when I had seen these in my living room.

I need these....oh wow

Showing you what was on offer at Funcoast World, Skegness.

Them little areas that are just as important

 It's amazing to think that something as small as this can help spark so many great memories, wow what an item to have in a collection

"Get me a pint..."

The Butlin's Holiday Worlds larger, I had never tasted it as I was to young. Did you taste it?

Mark Banks Comments about these photos

Below are my notes on key areas of interest that I had found on these photos. 

Butlin's Swimming Pools

The swimming pools were all give the names of the resorts. For example, Minehead was known as Somerwest World with a swimming pool called Sunsplash. Skegness was known as Funcoast World with a swimming pool called Funsplash. Bognor was the odd one as it was known as Southcoast World with a swimming pool called Aqua Splash. This photo was taken in around 1990 which is just after the second renaming of the camp. It was originally called Pwllheli Holiday World and was then renamed to Starcoast World with the swimming pool named Starsplash.

The Rollercoast...

Starcoast World was also known as the camp that had the rollercoaster ride that every one needed to try once. This fantastic photo that was taken in the 90's shows you how big the ride was and how it helped towards the holiday for many people. The best bit about this photos is that your seeing a ride that was free to go on as many times as you wish!

The train...

Sir Billy Butlins was a fan of trains and came at no surprise to see the resorts have one on their camps. I remember going on one of these in the Minehead resort and to this date (where possible) I will along the old track bed. 

Pwllheli Holiday World

When Rank made the choice to change the way Butlin's was to look like, they made their five remaining resort convert into a new era, Butlin's Holiday Worlds. Originally, there was going to be six camps transformed, Minehead, Bognor, Skegness, AYR, Pwllheli and Barry Island. However plans had changed where we only see five camps continue the Butlins name. There are two names that was changes, first one was in Scotland in AYR, when the camp was named AYR Holiday World, then renamed "Wonderwest World". The second was in Wales, the last remaining camp to represent Butlins and it was named Pwllheli Holiday World, later renamed to Starcoast World. This is the first photo that I have seen to show the original holiday worlds name for this camp/resort.

Pure beauty!

What more can be said about this photo...oh yes, wow!

The Chalet design

An important photo that shows you a connection to Pontins as Sir Billy Butlin helped develop Sir Fred Pontins. The idea of the chalet design was one of Sir Billy Butlin who knew how the layout should be and what was needed within. Of course, over time the requirements have changed a great deal now in today's world. This photo also reminds me of my staff accommodation in Minehead in 1999, which is now gone.

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