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That one moment that makes us laugh

Its that one moment that you think "oh, that did not happen" and a good laught about, here are some members stories of moments that help us smile when we need it the most.

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A, Chidgey
🤣🤣. I always used to go to the wrong row always racing around from one bit of fun to the next, not a minute to live at that age. We used to ask for the same chalet in Barry or the nearest as it was looking over the sea and more on the flat for my grandmother. Walked into the wrong one our usual one as the door was open dashing to get my swimming stuff probably , the people were having a nap in the lounge so just crept back out lol. The only problem with Barry Island it was built on a hill and most of the venue's had lots of stairs to get to and no lifts in those days. Bit challenging then if you weren't good on your pins or maybe elderly. No problem for us youngsters flying up and down the stairs and the only time I went back to the chalet usually was for food and holiday or not I had to be on time 😂

M. Robinson
It would have been mid 70's at Clacton. My brother and I were about 10 - 12 years old and managed to have a go on the boating lake. Picture the scene, long baggy jeans (as you do😉) and more water in the boat that was good for us. Both soaked to the skin and under orders to get back to the chalet before dinner to change as we were first sitting and had to crack on. I remember we were Red Camp, first floor, T106. Don't know where that came from.😉 Anyway, jeans off and both of us had bright blue legs as the dye had came out! Mum and dad weren't exactly laughing but we tried to wash it off without much success. Such fun!

C. Wright
At Minehead in mid 90s my mum went to use the phone box and got trapped in it by a load of geese and had to be rescued by a few members of staff