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Butlins Skegness,  former name Funcoast World during Holiday Worlds era.

Skegness Butlins Main Information

Opened 1936 and remains today.

In 1936, a great man had a vision and an idea that would change many people's lives. It was in this year that Sir Billy Butlin had walked these grounds and looked to see his vision starting to come to life. The gates opened and the world was introduced to the first Butlins. It was at this very moment that history is recorded as the greatest day in Butlins as the first camp had already started to create new memories.

As the camp started, Billy Butlin noticed his guest be not engaging or having much fun. With quick thinking, he went to an employee of his as he said "Norman Bradford, I need to you help entertain our guest with jokes and anything that makes them smile". Norman did what was asked and on that very night, the Butlin spirit was born.

Sir Billy Butlin looked at this and decided it was a great way to add towards the break of his guest. The next day, Norman was asked to purchase blazers and present them to him for a uniform. Norman had brought back the colours of the camp, Yellow, Blue, Primrose, and White. However, Billy just knew it was not the ones to represent his vision.
"Norman, we are going to with Red blazers" and it was at this very moment that the redcoat was born. The first uniform was made by Billie Ditchfield, who also became one of two of the first female redcoats with Kay Berry being the second.

Skegness also has the graded listed chalet at the rear, a true sight of pure beauty. 



These are my postcards that I have uploaded so far. 

If you wish to see why there is watersmarks on these, click here

Memories from the campers

Postcards Memories

View the memories of the campers and guest of Butlins as they send home about their holiday at Butlins



These are all the receipts that I have uploaded so far. You can see how much they have changed over the many years.

Food Related

Food Related Items

These are all the food related items that I have uploaded to the site so far

Personal Photos

My Personal Photos

These are my photos from when I went to Bulins Skegness in 2020

Personal Photos

The grade listed chalet

This lovely gem that stands in the ground of Butlins Skegeness is truley beautiful and an icon.

Press News

Press News

This page show you what was covered in the newspapers, giving you another insight to Butlins.

Butlins Badges

Butlins Badges

These are all the items that I have uploaded so far for Butlins Badges

Butlins Vouchers

Butlin's Vouchers

View the  Butlins Skegness vouchers

Chalet Related

Chalet Related Items

These are all the items that I have uploaded that are related to the chalets. 

Entertainment Guides

Entertainment Guides

Entertainment guides are an excellent way of seeing what was the expectations of customers and what was on offer at this time in Butlins. Some even might show you a time period before some became famous.

Butlins Skegness Photos

Photos of Butlin's Skegness

Showing you all my collection of Butlin's photos of Skegness, the founding camp/resort. These photos always show you more than one area, so have a good look when checking these out.

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