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Newspaper Articles about Butlins

Newspapers are just as important as postcards, photos, and videos. Each article holds details about a specific event and contributes towards history. Below are links to respected newspaper companies that have written about Butlin's during an important time period. I do not own the copyright to any item here as all I offer is the link to their site. The newspapers did not ask me to post these links as I have done this to help others smile and remember some great times that they might have had. I am grateful that they took the time to write about Butlins and for us to able to see this now. Tip: Click on the screenshot and this will take you directly to the page.

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Newspaper: Somerset County Gazette
Date: 27th October 2008

Breaking the record for longest rock

Something Wrong

Newspaper: Wales Online
Date: 20th August 2016

Some excellent photos of Butlin's Minehead.

Link: Click here to see the direct link or on the screen shot.


Newspaper: SomersetLive
Date: 30th December  2020

Some excellent photos of Butlin's Minehead throughout the years. 

Link: Click here to see the direct link or on the screen shot.

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