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The untold stories of our journey to Butlins

Here is the story of our journey to the magical place that we call "my Butlins" and what wonderful stories to show you all

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Ali Journey

Ali's Story of the journey to Butlins Skegness

When I was a child you could get a coach from my home town (Bury) all the way to Butlins. I wish they still did coaches as I hate getting the train. I would always have barley sugar for the journey. Either as a boiled sweet, or as a spiral stick like a small stick of rock. I think it was meant to help with my travel sickness. I always felt sick on the four hour coach ride. This wasn't helped by the fact that people were allowed to smoke on coaches in those days and both my parents were heavy smokers. Imagine being cooped up on a moving vehicle with no opening windows and every other adult puffing away. No wonder I felt sick! I remember knowing we were not far away when we drove past fields of yellow. We got a coach from Nottingham as an adult one year (due to train issues) and I still got excited seeing the yellow fields. They weren't as close as I remember though! The excitement rose when you got to Skegness itself when you drove past the beach. Approaching Butlins though and seeing the flags that were lined up outside was truly the magic moment. Once you saw those you knew you had arrived for a week of fun. I remember it feeling like hours that Mum queued up for the keys. Dad used to take me to the play area while she did it. I also remember a play area in the main reception. As I got older though I would go off to the fair or the arcades. I don't know how I ever knew where we were staying though in a time without mobile phones! I guess they just knew where to find me! I remember we usually stayed on yellow camp and I recall having to go to the toilet block for a bath or to use the loo. The smell of some pub toilets still takes me back to Butlins - but not in a good way!

Debbie Story

Debbie's Story of the journey to Butlins Minehead.

I can remember getting up at the crack of dawn to miss all of the traffic. It was hundreds of miles. I used to get really travel sick and can remember hating my dad as he wouldn’t let me open the windows. I couldn’t sleep. My sister would sit behind my dad with her feet up on the back of his seat. We used to have luggage in the footwell. I can remember the frequent stops and the dreaded spaghetti junction. Then once we got on the m5 who could see the first sign for Butlin’s. Miss those days xx

Daves Journey

Dave's journey to Butlins Minehead

I remember waking up and dad going to get the car, he would leave mum to do the packing while he washed it. Best off out of her way i expect 😁. We would finally get the car loaded with luggage, mum, dad, me and my sister's. It is a 110 mile journey so god knows what state my parents minds were in by the time we got there. Plenty of in car games and songs. We would stop at a pub called the Apple Tree near Glastonbury for a break before heading on to Minehead. Bridgewater had the smell of the cellophane factory yuk, then later the 2 radio masts meant we were getting close. Next was the first sightings of the chairlifts. Long journey in the Ford Consul MK2 and later a MK3 zephyr 4, but some of the best days of my life. I'd make a B line for the chairlifts then Monorail pretty much as soon as we got there lol.

Tony Story
Tony's journey to Butlins Minehead

My journey started with a interview in Dublin, they wanted staff for the new Irish bar. I  went home that day then had to travel up to the ferry terminal for the trip over only thing they sent us to the wrong one we ended up on the Stena truck ferry as it sailed out we got battered by high seas eventually got there and it was another 5 to 7 hours on a coach we got in to Minehead around 12 that night fair play to Butlins they put on tea coffee and sandwiches plus a few beers thrown in as well kyron Jessup was cm then it was a long day and I was knackered then .that was in 96.

Jim's Story

Jim's Journey to Butlins Minehead

We started to go to Butlins in 1975, we never really went on holidays before my dad did not really like to stay anywhere until we went to Skegness he loved it there.We used to get a coach from Barnet Hill and about 4 hours later we were there. We used to stay in the flatlets. I remember one year on the Friday before we were dueto leave my sister fell and badly sprained her ankle leaving her on crutchesand I remember her having to go and see the camp doctor

Joanne Story

Joanne's Journey to Butlins Bognor Regies

Leaving lowestoft about 6 in the morning arriving in Bognor about 9.30 am first visit was 1987 I think around 89 we started going on the coach mum use too get vouchers from the sun paper it was a long day x

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