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Footage of my hero, Sir Billy Butlin

I am always honored to see photos, postcards, and memories from so many people about Butlin's. It shows you the true magic of the name Butlin's and its value to the many that come for their holidays. To add to this magic, I have found videos online showing you even more history of this great name and it's wonderful to see. How to use this page: Look at the descripion and screen shot of the video to see if you're interested in what is being offered. If you want to view this video, simply click on the screen shot. A new page will now load leaving this page in place for you to choose another if you wish.

How to report a video: To report a video, send me a instant message, and tell me the page and video id

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Sir Billy Butlin rare interview part 1 

This is your life...Sir Billy Butlin. What a great man.

This shows you part one of "This is your Life" showing the main man Sir Billy Butlin!

Uploader: Fun Finder
Hosting video: You Tube    Video ID: SB001


He will now be known as Sir Billy Butlin

When Billy Butlin became a Sir and righfully so!

Uploader: British Pathe
Hosting video: You Tube    Video ID: SB003


The post office tower opening 1966

Now known as the BT Tower (click to see wiki), it was known as the post office tower. Sir Billy Butlin was involved with this opening as the tower boasted to have a rotating restaurant at the top.

Uploader: British Pathe
Hosting video: You Tube    Video ID: SB004


Butlins Swell Duke's Fund

Filmed in 1959 featuring the man who started it all, Sir Billy Butlin.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB005


Duke ofEdinburgh at Butlins Reunion

Footage of Sir Billy Butlin with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB006


Campbell gets Butlin Prize

This footage is from 1959

Hosting video: YouTube  Video ID: SB008


London - Butlins Reunion 

This foot is from 1962.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB009


Campers Reunion

This was filmed in 1964.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB010


Sir Billy Butlin in Africa in 1961

Showing another side of Sir Billy Butlin.

Reel number 5

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB007


SIr Billy Butlin in Africa in 1961

Reel numbers 6 -7

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB011


Sir Billy Butlin in Africa

This footage is from 1961.

Rell numbers 8 - 10

I would love to have that reel that Sir Billy filmed there :) 

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB012


The Butlin International Cross Channel Swimming Race

This was filmed in 1957.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB013


Butlins Variety Club

This was filmed in 1958

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB014


Variety Club go racing

Filmed in 1960 at Sandown Park, Surrey.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB015


Show Biz Awards by Vairiety Club

Features some celerbrities and the main man himself.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB016


ABC TV Reception at the GPO Tower

This is footage from the now BT tower in London. It was fimed in 1966. Also features Bobby Butlin.

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB017


The variety Club

Filmed in 1966

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB018


Channel Race 

Filmed in 1955

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB019


Billy Butlin becomes Sir Billy Butlin

A proud moment...

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: SB020

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